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The powerful mySigen app is the ultimate tool to manage Sigenergy Home Energy System. Designed to give you full visibility and control, mySigen app provides real-time energy monitoring, enriched data graphs, and an array of advanced features. Keeping you informed and get the most out of our energy solutions at all times.

Real-time Monitoring

Complete system visibility.

Enjoy a user-friendly interface, real-time home energy flow charts, and comprehensive energy data graphs for insights into your home energy production and consumption. Keep track and ensure best system performance at all times

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Simplified Control

Full device management.

mySigen app offers you detailed views and settings on every aspects of your installed system and devices so you know it is performing at its best. What’s more, you can initiate system self-check to detect any issues that may require attention.


Useful yet fun.

Customize Sigen home energy system to your preferences via mySigen app to attain optimal energy usage and electricity savings while having fun playing with ambient lighting features to lighten up part of your home.


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    Backup Reserve


    Ambient Lighting


AI & Services

Your handy assistant.

Get intelligent optimization suggestions on system mode, battery capacity and energy usage. Experience AI-driven self-service and remote support. Find out your local service provider and submit service requests with ease.

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No 28 Street 5, Van Phuc City, Hiep Binh Phuoc Ward, Thu Duc, HCMC

0914 04 93 57 - Zalo: 0914 04 93 57